Court Explained

The Observer tracks certain high impact cases before the Supreme Court. The primary criterion for the selection of cases is their potential to affect ordinary lives.

All tracked cases contain the following:

  • A case timeline tracking the day-to-day progress of the case
  • Copies of all important documents associated with the case including such as pleadings, summary of arguments, and judgments.
  • An explanation of the issues involved and the potential impact of the case.
  • A plain English explanation of the judgment
  • Hearing summaries and reports of arguments

In 2017, the Centre for Law and Policy Research set up the Supreme Court Observer.

The Supreme Court Observer is a non-partisan journalistic effort to make the work of the Supreme Court intelligible to any person interested in Indian public affairs. The aim of SC Observer is to communicate the relevance and importance of the Supreme Court’s work in a constitutional democracy, without embellishment or outrage, and focus public attention on the issues of great public significance.The emphasis of the project is accessibility and simplicity in presentation in order to ensure maximum public engagement.

The Observer owes its inspiration to the SCOTUSblog which provides a similar service for the US Supreme Court.

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